Getting Started

When meeting to enroll your child you will receive the following

  • PA State Form: Emergency Contact
  • PA State Form: Tuition Agreement
  • PA State Form: Child Health Assessment (You have 30 days to have completed by a physician)
  • IFSP/IEP Form
  • Getting to know your child packet
  • Parental Stakeholder Letter
  • The Gingerbread House Learning Center Handbook


  • Please take time to review the papers carefully and complete them fully. All paperwork must be complete before your child can begin to receive care. Please feel free to call the director or the center with any questions regarding the paperwork.
  • Health Assessments must be completed and signed by a physician within thirty days of your child’s enrollment date. A new medical form is due every six months for children under the age of two. When the child reaches the age of two the form is due yearly. If your child receives any immunizations between the times their updated form is due, please bring in a note from the doctor’s office so we can add them to their file.
  • All other PA state forms need to be updated every six months. If any information changes (phone numbers, addresses, release individuals, work addresses, insurance etc.) we must be notified.