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Children in Indoor Playground


Creative Curriculum:

Each year, we try to expand upon our developmentally appropriate curriculum. We use a theme-based curriculum called Pinnacle in which we will provide activities to promote language, science, musical skills and social and emotional skills. Our activities involve play and exploration. The plans and objectives for the week will be sent home on a weekly basis.

Primary Teachers:

Within your child’s class, one of your child’s teachers will be his/her primary teacher. This means that she will observe your child and plan activities that will meet his/her needs. By giving each teacher specific children in the classroom to observe and record information, we are making sure each child receives the attention he/she deserves.


Individualized Planning/Parent Conferences:

We will be individualizing our programming to meet the needs of the children in the classroom. Your child’s primary teacher in his/her room will concentrate on your child’s skills and development. She will complete an assessment for your child based on individual observations and activities. You are welcome to view this document whenever you would like. It will be kept in your child’s file. We will offer parent conferences to discuss your child’s progress when the assessment is completed. Assessment will be conducted every 6 months (Approximately November and May) You will be strongly encouraged to sign up for a meeting with your child’s primary teacher.


Ages & Stages Parent/Teacher Assessment:

At the time of your child’s enrollment you will be given an Ages & Stages Assessment to complete about your child. Once you complete the assessment and return to the office you will be offered a conference to discuss the results. This will allow an opportunity to offer any additional help that we can offer your child to succeed.


Today Sheets:

Every day you will receive a “Today” sheet for your child. On this sheet there will be information such as your child’s feedings, diaper changes and naptimes from that day. You also will be provided with a list of supplies you may need for your child.



Whenever your child is old enough to proceed to the next classroom, we will evaluate his/her readiness by considering social, cognitive, physical and emotional skills. If your child is ready to move on to the next class, we will talk with you and your child. The teachers will plan a few half day visits to the new class to include some morning and afternoon experiences. The final day will be a full day, and if your child seems ready for the transition, he/she will move to the next class. We do not always have openings in the next class when your child is ready to proceed, so he/she may have to wait for an opening.

  • If your child is transferring to another education setting, we will be more than happy to have all records available for you within twenty-four hours of request.


Birthday Celebrations:

You are more than welcome to send in special snacks for your child’s birthday. Please let the teachers know a couple days in advance and check with them regarding any food allergies to consider. Please keep in mind that we are a NUT FREE facility.

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