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Children in Indoor Playground


Primary Teachers:

Within your child’s class, one of your child’s teachers will be his/her primary teacher. This means that she will observe your child and plan activities that will meet his/her needs. By giving each teacher specific children in the classroom to observe and record information, we are making sure each child receives the attention he/she deserves. Along with keeping a record of observations you will have daily communication with your child’s teachers, including daily notes, to inform you about his/her day.


Staff Qualifications: 

The quality of our staff directly relates to the quality of our program. We strive to maintain a high-quality staff. At a minimum, staff has met the following qualifications:

  • Criminal Background Check

  • Child Abuse History Check

  • FBI Clearance

  • Physician’s Health Assessment

  • Fire Safety Training

  • CPR & First Aid Training

  • Pennsylvania licensing requirements in education experience.

  • At least 9 hours of training in early childhood education per year.

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