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Children in Indoor Playground


We will work with you to assist your child in adjusting to the child care environment.

Specific ways to help in the transition to our center are as follows:

  • Enjoy a first visit to the center with your child. Spending time with your child initially will help both of you become familiar with the staff and our daily activities

  • At home, talk to your child about the center, and the different things they will do here.

  • The first few weeks at the center may be difficult for you and your child as you transition to our center. It usually helps to keep the drop off time as short as you can. Reassure your child, give some hugs and say goodbye. The teachers will help involve your child in an activity. You are welcome to call after you have dropped your child off to see how he/she is doing.

  • Try to pick up your child the same time every day, but if you will be late please let your child know so they will be prepared.

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