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Children in Indoor Playground


As a part of your child’s protection the entrance to our center is locked always. To enter the facility, you must be buzzed in by the front office. There is a security camera positioned at the door that is linked to a computer located in the office. In addition to the entrance there are cameras located in each room and the play yards. There are also two panic buttons located in the building which is directly tied into our local police department. Your child’s safety and wellbeing are our biggest concern.

Crisis & Emergency Plan:

Radio announcements and/or parent phone calls will be made if an evacuation is necessary. Please have a plan in the event your child must be picked up as soon as possible. We do not expect any difficulties at The Gingerbread House, but it is best to be prepared. If there was ever such an emergency that we would need to evacuate immediately, the children would be transported to The Queen of the Universe church located across the street from the center. Our full emergency evacuation plan is in the office for you to view at any time.

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